Lead Method


There is more to stained glass than copper foil. Learn the basics of     working with lead came. Learn what tools to use, layout, studio setup, safety information, came selection, lead soldering techniques, cementing and much more. Each student will complete their own panel using lead came. This technique works well when doing larger panels or entry door panels. You will go away with confidence. This class is for beginners as well as for those who need to enhance their cutting skills. Are you interested in building larger or more geometric designs?  Then this is the class for you.  We focus on the lead came method of stained glass construction.   During the class, students will complete a leaded glass panel (approx. 9” X 14”). Several different patterns are available for you to choose from at the first class. Must purchase a tool kit. Grinders and other specialty equipment provided. Students supply the glass.

Enhance your projects by using bevels in new and creative ways.  Learn about the varieties of stock bevels, bevel clusters, colored bevels, and custom beveling.  Glass and bevel cluster supplied by student.  Basic pattern will be provided.  Bring your basic set of tools. 


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