You will learn about the tools of the trade, such as the glass cutter, pliers and running pliers. As in any craft, knowing what tools to purchase and how to use them properly is essential. The class will cover the theory of “Why Glass Breaks”, holding the cutter, scoring the glass, breaking using pliers, breaking using running pliers, using a straight edge, grozing, cutting inside curves, circles, semi circles, ovals, mirror and cutting large sheets. You will go away with confidence. This class is for beginners as well as for those who need to enhance their cutting skills. The class focuses on the copper foil method of stained glass construction.  During the class, students will complete the starter project using glass they select.  You will complete a small stained glass window  (approx. 9” X 14”). Several different patterns are available for you to choose from at the first class. Must purchase a tool kit. Grinders and other specialty equipment provided.

Wanting to go a little further and start to work in 3 dimensions. This is a great course for people who have done a beginner course or wanting to do their first lamp. Learn the basics of making panel lamps as well as the many little hints to getting them to look right. We have several patterns for this lamp course. Please bring your hand tools and soldering irons.


  BOX CLASS 3 wks
Learn the secrets of a well made stained glass box.  You'll learn  several ways to make and hinge a box.  Several patterns will be provided.  You'll be amazed at the beautiful boxes you can make with   glass. This is a fast paced class, so students should know how to cut glass, foil and solder.


You will learn to make a Tiffany reproduction lamp using one of several methods You will choose and order your lamp form the first night.


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